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Sam Gadd, founder of Add & Subtract Design, subscribes to a “less is more “ life style.

This means that her company and team methods consist of styling for simple intuitive and functional spaces. Her motto is your home should only contain things you love or use.

Add & Subtract Design LLC is an interior design studio that is located on the Eastern Shores of lower Alabama, specializing in residential design.  Our company style is described as clean, fresh and comfortable. We blend modern and traditional styles together while creating livable spaces that tell a story.

Decorating to reflect the owner’s preferences while adding carefully chosen pieces achieves refinement and harmony.  Your home should not only be a place to live but also your sanctuary. An assigned place for your possessions and specific furniture placement makes for a serene environment from which to start and end each day.

Sam Gadd, founder of Add & Subtract Design, works closely with each client so that their home reflects their personality while staying within budget. If it is your desire to change your current surrounding, I would like to help you.

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