Sam Gadd, founder of Add & Subtract Design, subscribes to a “less is more” lifestyle.

This means her company and team methods consist of styling for simple intuitive and functional spaces. Her motto is your home should only contain things you love or use. Add & Subtract Design provides two very specific purposes: Home Staging and Home Organizing. Whether you’re planning on selling your home or improving your current surroundings we have a package and plan to fit your needs and budget.


Unlike decorating, staging your home isn’t about personal style – it’s about creating ambiance and appeal for buyers.  Selling your home means selling a lifestyle but not necessarily your own. In home staging you’re striving for a look that is fresh and welcoming yet not really taste specific. This is the distinction between decorating your home and staging it to sell. A professionally staged home will essentially bring out the good features’ emphasize the space, functionality and character of the house.


Although everyone has different tastes in décor and furnishings, people want a home that is welcoming. This includes organized closets and drawers, functional zones where everything has its own assigned space and an overall peaceful feeling. Starting by decluttering and using storage containers and bins to create smart spaces and implementing a systems with long lasting results is the ultimate goal. Our philosophy is to give our clients an orderly space to start and end each day, a home should feel good to its inhabitants.

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