Sam Gadd, founder of Add & Subtract Design, subscribes to a “less is more “ life style.

This means that her company and team methods consist of styling for simple intuitive and functional spaces. Her motto is your home should only contain things you love or use.

Every room should tell a story. When designing a space, taking one specific thing you currently own big or small gives me a look into your style and a starting point to how I will decorate.  I love working with people and believe that every house and its architectural details are unique. It is for this reason that I specialize in residential design. Your home should not only be a place to live but also your sanctuary. An assigned place for your possessions and specific furniture placement makes for a serine space to start and end each day with.

Add & Subtract Design provides three very specific purposes: Styling, Designing and Organizing. If it is your desire to improve your current surrounding, we have a package and plan to fit your needs and budget.