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Features & Warranties


1. Frames: Our Frames are solid hardwood, reinforced with double boarding and bracing in critical areas, and are assembled with screws and epoxy coated staples. Sleeper mechanisms are heavy duty. Contract quality and carry a 2-year limited warranty. Commercial & Cozy sleeper mechanisms carry a 5-year limited warranty. All mattresses and motion mechanisms, swivels, gliders, recliners, etc., carry a 1-year limited warranty.

The frame carries a limited lifetime warranty to be free from manufacturing defects for the life of the product, upholstered in its original fabric, under normal use and conditions. Rattan Frames carry a 1-year limited warranty, which applies to frame construction. Warranty does not apply to furniture used for commercial purposes or altered from its original state. General workmanship, including tailoring, padding, seams, etc. are warranted 1-year.

2. Springs: Tempered, heavy gauge spring construction, with insulated spring clips, for metal noise reduction, gives the comfort of coil spring seating, with durability of sinuous springs.
Our spring systems carry a 3-year limited warranty which applies to broken, weak or noisy spring construction; or stretched or Torn elastic webbing. Springs will soften with age and is not considered a manufacturing defect.

3. Insulation & Padding: Heavy fiber pad insulation over springs, for padding and weight distribution. Frames are insulated and padded with dense polyurethane foam, for long-lasting comfort.

4. Backs: The inside backs and outside backs are insulated and fully padded for extra comfort. The loose pillow backs are filled with slickened, conjugated polyester fiber in baffled inner casings, to prevent shifting or sagging.

5. Throw Pillows: A pair of welted, fiber filled throw pillows are standard with most styles. Wedges, corners and all one arm items come standard with one throw pillow. Optional Feather Filled Throw Pillows are available.

6. Cushions: The seat cushions, on most styles, are 1.8 lb. Convo-Lux foam, wrapped with polyester fiber. Many offer optional Firm-Lux or 2.3 lb. Cloud-Lux cushions. Additional Cloud Down or Cloud Trillium cushion options are available. Tight Back Sofas, Chairs, Recliners are filled with Comfort-Lux foam.

The cushions carry a 3-year limited warranty against loss of foam resiliency. Softening is not considered loss of foam resiliency. These cushions, being more casual in design, will soften and wrinkle with grace. They should be fluffed-up and flipped, regularly, the same way you would feather and down bedding pillows.

7. Arm Covers: Fitted Arm covers are optional, on most styles.

8. Skirts: Skirts are denim lined and ironed, with inner stiffener, to keep them straight and tailored.

9. Legs: Exposed wood legs have plastic glides and are safe on all wood or tile floors. refer to Individual price pages for finishes available. No-exposed legs, on skirted products, are molded polyethylene, safe on all floors.

10. Decorative Nails: Brass or Nickel, optional around bottom of non-skirted items.

11. Fabrics: Non-railroaded, up the roll fabrics, will be seamed on the front deck, inside back and outside back and not available on bench seat sofas. On non-matched, randomly cut fabrics, the fabric patterns, at these seams, will not line up. Our fabrics carry a 1-year limited warranty against defective material or workmanship, under normal care and use. This warranty does not cover the following: wear-ability, colorfastness, fading, pilling, fabric shrinkage, heavy soiling, abuse, improper cleaning or the application of after-market fabric treatments, not specified by the manufacturer.

12. Fabric Yardage: Please examine cut yardage closely before using. We accept no responsibility for fabric after it has been altered from its "cut yardage" state. If  a problem arises with the cut yardage, we will, at your option, replace the fabric yardage or credit the fabric purchase price. In no case will we credit more than the original fabric purchase price. No third party shipments of cut yardage.

Dye lot variation results in color differences, from bolt to bolt, and may not match your fabric swatch or previous shipments.

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